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HandPunch 4000

Hand Geometry

A large enterprise looking to implement all the "bells and whistles" will be happy to know that the HandPunch 4000 may be the solution that will fulfill all of their requirements.

While coming standard with a user capacity of 530 employees, it does have the ability to be expanded to 3,498.

In addition to providing all of the features that the other models have, the HandPunch 4000 has a total of 10 extra function keys for more flexible programming capability. This will provide a method for employees to enter data at the terminal such as tips, department or job transfers, number of pieces produced, etc.

However, the biggest difference is that it is the only hand geometry reader to incorporate an integrated bar code scanner. This allows the employees to bypass the use of the numeric keys when entering their unique PIN. This can help facilitate speed of punching for companies with a very large amount of employees.

This handreader, like all RSI (Recognition Systems Inc.) readers, is extremely durable. It is made out of injection-molded plastic which is lightweight yet strong. A silicon rubber keypad creates a seal against the outside elements.

We can implement a biometric time clock system based on this reader for a very a competitive price. Call us to find out how your enterprise can implement this tremendous cost-cutting technology. Our phone number is 516-414-1290.

HandPunch 4000

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