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Automac 55 Piu

Stretch Packaging

Automatic wrapper based on stretch technology, Automac 55 Più is the ideal choice for packaging factories that require high productivity.

Automac 55 Più is characterised by reliability, flexibility of use and its ergonomic design, a feature which is particularly appreciated by the operators.

Automac 55 Più is compliant with the most stringent existing safety standards and offers a comfortable and safe work area.

Fast and flexible, Automac 55 Più speed set-up (max. 55 ppm) allows to adapt the machine to a wide range of products.

In-line packaging machine, Automac 55 Più can be fitted with extended in-feed conveyors and exit conveyor rollers that allow for best integration with your devices that are placed at the entrance and exit of the packaging machine. It is possible to equip 55Più with photocells and connections that allow for interaction with portioning machines and weight-price labelling devices.

Automac 55 Piu

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