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MAX 46 S

Tabletop Vacuum Packaging

A vacuum packaging machine, as a tabletop model, is always a good choice as an entry into vacuum packaging technology or if there is limited space available such as directly in a retail store, in the kitchen or on a food trailer.

• High-quality Busch vacuum pump
• Deep-drawn vacuumchamber
• High pressure seal welding
• Cable free welding bar construction
• Starter kit with consumables (teflon tape, welding wire) included

Internal chamber dimensions:
650 x 475 x 210 mm

External dimensions:
750 x 630 x 410 mm

Seal length:
460 mm

Vacuum pump:
21 m³/h

95 kg

Power supply:
1 Phase, 230 V, 50 Hz
(Special voltages on request)

MAX 46 S

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