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Modular 50s Steel It

Shrink Packaging

The best for food and pharmaceutical packaging.

The semi-automatic, angular machine MODULAR 50S STEEL IT offers maximum packaging flexibility, and a quality product at a competitive price. and it is perfect for food or pharmaceutical applications.

MODULAR 50S STEEL IT has been recently updated and revised and can be used to package products using any material, producing highly attractive results.

The STEEL IT paint makes the MODULAR 50S STEEL IT highly humidity-resistant and strongly suitable for food or pharmaceutical packaging.

MODULAR LINE uses an electronically controlled sealing system and the very latest safety devices. The lines can be used in automatic or semi-automatic mode and the operating programs can be customised in order to simplify the packaging process and maximise productivity.

MODULAR 50S STEEL IT can also be used with minipack®-torre TUNNEL LINE.

• Teflon coated sealing blade
• Double sealing bar with shock absorber
• Continuous cycle cooling system
• Manual or automatic mode
• Adjustable working plate
• Motor driven conveyor belt with adjustable speed
• Oversized waste film winder
• Integrated roll support
• Digital panel with 6 programs
• Product counter
• Lockable packaging plate
• Bar opening delay allows sealer to cool down
• Machine on wheels
• Emergency off switch

Modular 50s Steel It

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