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Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging

Being equipped with two vacuum chambers allows a double chamber machine to achieve very high packaging performance. While in one chamber, the packaging cycle takes place automatically, the second chamber can be loaded. This results in optimized productivity and cost-effectiveness.

• High-quality Busch vacuum pump
• Platform-style construction for easy cleaning
• High pressure seal welding
• Robust stainless steel lid – with inspection window upon request
• Starter kit with consumables (teflon tape, welding wire) included

Internal chamber dimensions:
960 x 960 x 230 mm

External dimensions:
2050 x 1310 x 1130 mm

Seal length:
850 mm

Vacuum pump:
160, 250 or 300 m³/h

600 kg or 650 kg

Power supply:
3 phases, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
(Special voltages on request)


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