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Videojet 3130

Laser Coder

The 3130 is a 10-Watt CO2 laser engineered for packaging professionals that require high quality marking at moderate line speeds.

Low power does not mean low performance. The 3130 10-Watt offers all of the performance features found in higher wattage Videojet lasers, but with a power source better matched for moderate line speed applications. With print speeds up to 1200 characters/sec and line speeds of up to 600 m/min, the 3130 addresses both simple and complex code requirements for a range of substrates including paperboard, glass, painted metal, paper labels, PET, and other plastic materials. The flexibility to meet a broad range of applications makes it an ideal solution for many food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging operations.

• Maximum performance and extended laser source life expectancy up to 45,000 hours through optimized total power output
• Air-cooled laser source virtually eliminates maintenance intervals
• Line set-up wizard aids fast product changeovers, eliminating set up trial and error and minimizing planned downtime *

• Large selection of mark window options offers optimally matched applications for faster marking
• On-screen diagnostics track causes of downtime and help troubleshooting to get the line back up and running quickly*

• Optional CLARiTY Laser Controller offers built-in software features that help reduce operator errors, to ensure products are coded correctly
• High quality, permanent codes help assure product traceability and tamper-proofing
• High resolution marking head delivers consistent, crisp codes

• Most flexible integration solution with 32 standard beam delivery options
• Quick set up and easy redeployment via detachable umbilical cable for easy routing on the line and simple-to-use accessory connections
• 4 interface options plus a choice of

Videojet 3130

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