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Videojet 3330

Laser Coder

The 3330 30-Watt laser offers a powerful combination of performance and flexibility delivering high quality marks on moderate to high speed lines.

High speed packaging operations that demand crisp, high quality codes can rely on the performance of the 3330. With virtually no font, code or graphic restrictions and line speeds up to 900m/min., the
3330 is an ideal solution for marking complex codes at high speeds in food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and extrusion industries. Through a diverse combination of marking heads, lenses and wavelength options, Videojet can deliver 21 spot size variations to match a broad range of marking effects.

• Maximum performance and extended laser source life expectancy up to 45,000 hours through optimized total power output
• Air-cooled laser source virtually eliminates maintenance intervals
• Line set-up wizard aids fast product changeovers, eliminating set up trial and error and minimizing planned downtime*

• Large selection of mark window options offers optimally matched applications for faster marking
• On-screen diagnostics track causes of downtime and help troubleshooting to get the line back up and running quickly*
• High speed capability allows marking at 150,000 products per hour

• Optional CLARiTY Laser Controller offers built-in software features that help reduce operator errors, to ensure products are coded correctly
• High quality, permanent codes help assure product traceability and tamper-proofing
• High resolution marking head delivers consistent, crisp codes

• Most flexible integration solution with 32 standard beam delivery options
• Quick set up and easy redeployment via detachable umbilical cable for easy routing on the line and simple-to-use accessory connections
• 4 interface options plus a choice of networking communications to match your preferred workflow

Videojet 3330

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