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Videojet 8510

Small Character Inkjet Coder

Designed to address the needs of industrial users, the Videojet 8510 is the ideal coding and marking solution for a range of primary and secondary marking applications. The 8510 thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer features a large touchscreen interface for easy operation, as well as provides a common look and feel to those familiar with Videojet’s CLARiTY®-based printers. From basic alphanumeric codes to complex bar codes and graphics, the 8510 has the capability to print a wide range of codes on fast production lines.

• Extensive communications protocol ideal for remote control and secondary applications
• Solid-state electronics with no moving parts
• No wear items or replacement parts outside of inkjet cartridge replacement
• Clean, no -mess operation

• High resolution print (up to 600 dpi) suitable for high quality smalland large font codes
• Wide range of primary and secondary packaging bar codes
• Can drive up to four printheads independently or together

• Template creation software with rules-based message fields
• Color touch screen with WYSIWYG image display to reduce set-up errors
• Optional USB scanner for message selection

• Intuitive, graphical user interface with easy to learn icon-based controls
• All common operations accessed in five or fewer touches
• Four printhead designs to aid packaging line integration

Videojet 8510

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