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RA-A Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping

The RA-A model is a semi-automatic machine for the wrapping of palletized loads with stretch film (auto attach & film cut): with the possibility of adjusting of film tension by motorized prestretch, gradual starting of turntable, manual or automatic cycle and possibility of adjusting the film pallet over-lap.
The working cycle is started by pressing the START button. The arm starts to rotate and the first bottom film layers are applied. After some arm rotations, the film carriage rises. A photocell reads the maximum height of the load and stops the film carriage upward movement. After some wrapping rotations, the film carriage descends and the arm stops just the carriage reaches the lower part of load. The rotating arm stops in “ Fix Position Stop” at the end of the cycle.

RA-A Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machine

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