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iS 50 – Intelligent Weighing

Weighing Terminal

This powerful, robust and freely programmable iS50 Industrial Weighing Terminal is the all-rounder among the weighing terminals. Not only because it is suitable for numerous applications thanks to its comprehensive application software, but also because it is already fitted with Codesys. Thus the iS50 Industrial Weighing Terminal is freely programmable and can also use the integrated Soft-PLC.

As an intelligent weighing terminal the iS50 Industrial Weighing Terminal simplifies the installation of complex weighing and control systems. Often, even the simplest applications, such as a driven roller conveyor, require a brief monitoring process both before and after weighing. This unit makes those unnecessary, thereby streamlining the process. Functionality can be individually adjusted using a soft PLC. Frequency converter, valves and motors can be directly controlled. The iS50 Industrial Weighing Terminal can be seamlessly integrated into existing production structures and networks or easily connected to peripheral devices, especially to Bizerba scales with strain gauge, EMFR or vibrating wire technology.

The weighing terminal establishes weight data, controls components such as dosing systems and records all operating data. In addition to weighing functions, it provides programs for the following applications:
• Counting
• Dosing
• Recording of statistical data in compliance with prepack regulations
• Tolerance control

• Robust industrial design with IP65 protection
• Five function keys which can be freely assigned and more application keys for quick input of process data
• 7" fully graphic display with a 800 x 480 resolution and LED backlighting, clear and freely programmable graphic display
• Controls up to three internal and four additional external weighing modules
• Fast and exact weight value establishment even in case of time-sensitive applications
• Can be seamlessly integrated into existing production structures and networks
• Via Codesys including integrated Soft-PLC and free programmability

iS 50 – Intelligent Weighing

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