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Pos System

Diebold Nixdorf's BEETLE /moPOS is an acronym for BEETLE mobile POS. The BEETLE mobile POS is a product that allows applications of traditional cash register systems to migrate to mobile applications.

The POS Device Hub allows connecting already used POS peripheral devices as existing in USB or RS232
variants in their traditional way. The BEETLE /moPOS Device HUB with its intelligent firmware in conjunction with a market-usual WLAN router and the BEETLE /moPOS tablet allows Windows POS application using the standardized UPOS interface to migrate from traditional stationary POS system to
mobile POS systems.

The intelligent BEETLE /moPOS Device HUB firmware handles the Unified POS (UPOS) interface between
peripherals connected to the POS Device HUB and tablets. The UPOS interface follows the standard in
version 1.13 and contains one additional class implementing interface IPOSDeviceHub which handles
connecting, disconnecting, getting status of tablet docking states, undock tablets and others. In case only a 1:1 relationship is required, that is, you have only one tablet and one POS Device HUB; you may operate
with the UPOS interface of the POS Device HUB; operating with the extension class IPOSDeviceHub
interface is not needed necessarily.

Additionally, one big feature of the firmware is the so-called Admin Server. If activated, this software
allows not only to handle 1:1 relationships but also to control relationships between “N” tablets and “M”
POS Device HUBs. The admin server software is activated as a single instance on ONE POS Device HUB in a network environment. This server has the overview about the current connected (claimed) states and
docking states of all participating tablets and HUBs. It controls via internal access lists the permission and
states of connection. The remote admin HTML WebGUI of the POS Device HUB allows administrators:
• lists for possible relationships between tablets and PDHs
• to get an overview about current states of tablets and PDHs
• to configure the Admin Server
• to define blacklists
• to clear possible remaining connections which may block a POS Device HUB from a central administration point


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