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In-Sight 5000 Series

In-Sight Vision System

The unprecedented vision power and extreme ruggedness of the best-selling In-Sight 5000 Series is helping thousands of manufacturers around the world improve productivity, ensure product quality and lower manufacturing costs. And with more than a dozen In-Sight 5000 Series models to choose from, there’s one just right for your application.

Every In-Sight 5000 Series vision system delivers best-in-class performance, from the best-selling In-Sight 5100 on up to the blazingly fast In-Sight 5600 that runs vision tools at more than twice the speed of In-Sight 5400 models. Most models are equipped with a full library of proven Cognex vision tools, including an easy-to-train, advanced OCR tool and a calibration routine designed for measurement and robotic guidance applications. Plus, PatMax®—the industry standard for part location tools—is available on all models.

In-Sight 5000 Series

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