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Modular Belt Conveyor


Another sophisticated and extensively demanded material handling system in the market, the Belt Conveyors are extremely strong and durable in nature. The Belt conveyor is highly cost effective and of the utmost quality, with features that facilitate an effective and easy operation. Modular plastic conveyors are made up of series of plastic bricks held together with plastic pings. Their open design makes them easy to wash down and as a result, they are used extensively in critical hygiene areas.

Modular plastic belts can be supplied with a variety of working surfaces which means that they can be used to convey a variety of different products.

Hygienic plastic material – ideal for wash down
Safe, filly encapsulated top edges with fully enclosed end rollers
Versatile – high deck, friction material, roller top or flighted surface area.
Allows for economical running
Available with flights / buckets

Modular Belt Conveyor

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