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Slat Conveyor


Slat conveyors are used in a variety of industries but are particularly suited to the beverage and canning industries. Available in different shapes, sizes and speed controls, they have high tensile strength which makes them ideal for long conveying systems. The slat conveyors have slats attached to double strand steel side bars with bushed & bearing roller chains and the operator can walk along the conveyor lines during operations; this saving on the process cycle time and contributing to increase in productivity. These conveyors have simple design which makes them cost effective modular conveying option.

Type of slat is determined by size, weight & properties of products conveyed
Hygienic- ideal for wash-down
Offers continuous moving surface to which clamping fixtures can be provided to accommodate the item
Available in different sizes – completely customizable to suite your project requirements.
Speeds determined by production rate & set by preceding & following operations.

Slat Conveyor

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