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Replay 40 EVO

Shrink Packaging

Among the most competitive chamber machines on the market.

The Replay EVO range includes a series of basic chamber wrapping machines, while not sacrificing the typical quality of the products by Minipack®-Torre. Thanks to the excellent value for money, offering new cutting-edge systems at affordable prices, it is the most competitive proposition among all our series of chamber machines.

Replay 40 EVO combines a high technological content with important qualities such as compact and essential shapes, pairing efficacy with excellence as all the Minipack®-Torre packaging machines.

• High-performance steel resistors: shrinking time cut by 50% and heating time cut by 60%
• Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment: perfect heat-shrinking also on very light or flexible products. Sealed areas do not open. Extremely quiet. Exclusive patent
• Comfort Zone Fan Stop: the fan stop is a “green” solution that allows to save 20% more energy and provides greater operator comfort during packaging, since the fan stops when the chamber opens
• New latest-generation board: quality components. 4-digit display.

• Stainless steel packaging plate
• Smoke intake
• Blowing unit
• Film rewinder
• Film opening sheet metal
• 2nd reel support
• 2nd tabletop reel support.

Replay 40 EVO

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