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Portec Turnstile

Guidance System

Electro-mechanical turnstile

• Varied applications for safe separation of individuals
• Attractive material and colour combinations
• 3-arm

Portec turnstiles for entrances and exits. Reliable turnstiles with electro-mechanical design for safe and dependable individual entry separation for large flows of people.

Solid steel or stainless steel casing with cast aluminium, stainless steel arms. Extremely compact, robust, low-maintenance mechanism. LED function display in direction of entrance and exit, acoustic alarm signal and operating panel as standard. Free passage when power is disconnected.

Wanzl Access Manager: The Portec turnstile can be controlled with Wanzl Access Manager. Wanzl Access Manager links peripheral devices to a homogeneous software suite that validates users and operators almost in real time at any access control point.

Portec Turnstile

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