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FreshMarx® 9417+ Food Labeling

Price Labeling

The Avery Dennison Monarch® FreshMarx® 9417+ food labeling solution combines dual printers with intuitive FreshMarx software and a touchscreen interface to provide an all-in-one compact, robust solution designed for foodservice environments. Pre-loaded data simplifies food labeling by automating nutrition, ingredient, grab-and-go and date code labeling and inventory rotation to eliminate mistakes calculating food expiration dates and enable compliance with food safety regulations. Built for purpose as the hub of the kitchen, the FreshMarx 9417+ solution stores over 1,100 food items and offers over 20 label formats with open architecture for custom applications. It’s video-capable for recipe prep and staff training, and Wi-Fi enabled with industry leading data security for menu updates.

• Accurate shelf-life, nutrition, and ingredient labels
• Automated, secure menu updates
• Video and document viewing
• Factory installed WiFi option
• Barcodes for Point-of-Sale or inventory scanning
• Open architecture supports custom applications
• Timers to track food prep

FreshMarx® 9417+ Food Labeling

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