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PC Scale KH II 800 Pro

PC Scale

Modern technology allowing you to be totally flexible. More performance due to a powerful Intel® Quad Core processor and a large RAM.

The counter scale KH II 800 Pro provides you with functions for a modern fresh food counter: Weighing, labeling, advising customers and transactions are possible with this scale. Communicate information, advertising contents and cross selling campaigns via the brilliant 12.1" customer display. Combined with a cash register drawer this counter scale becomes an efficient checkout solution.

A powerful and open PC platform ensures high performance: The large RAM has sufficient memory to let you implement new features or individual requirements. Even the use of 3rd-party software is easily possible. Benefit from the scale's ergonomic design, e.g. from an easy paper roll change with the Easy Load printer. Replace wear and tear parts almost without tools.

• Operation
• Self-service
• Weigh price labeling / pre-packaging
• Multimedia application (advertising contents/cross selling)
• Cash register

• High-end PC scale with a powerful Intel® Quad Core processor: More performance for optimized graphics while consuming minimum energy
• Large RAM: Ideally suitable for new features and requirements
• Current Windows and Linux operating system: 64 bit
• High-end Bizerba software package
• RetailPowerScale scale software
• RetailApps for additional functionality
• RetailFramework
• RetailIntegratorsKit (RIK) for 3rd-party software

PC Scale KH II 800 Pro

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