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PC scale XC II 100 Pro

PC Scale

Modern PC technology in a compact design. More performance due to a powerful Intel® Quad Core processor and a large RAM.

Compact scale XC II 100 Pro provides you with functions for the modern daily routine in retail: Weighing, labeling, advising customers and transactions are possible with this scale. Communicate information, advertising contents and cross selling campaigns via a brilliant customer display. With a cash register drawer this device becomes an efficient checkout solution.

A powerful and open PC platform ensures high performance: The large RAM has sufficient memory to let you implement new features or individual requirements. Even the use of 3rd-party software is easily possible. The 3-in-1 printer is unique on the market: With just one device you can print receipts, labels or linerless paper.

• Operation
• Self-service
• Weigh price labeling / pre-packaging
• Multimedia application (advertising contents/cross selling)
• Cash register

• High-end PC scale with a powerful Intel® Quad Core processor: More performance for optimized graphics while consuming minimum energy
• Large RAM: Ideally suitable for new features and requirements
• Current Windows and Linux operating system: 64 bit
• 3 in 1 printer for receipt, label or linerless operation
• High-end Bizerba software package*
• RetailPowerScale scale software
• RetailApps for additional functionality
• RetailFramework
• RetailIntegratorsKit (RIK) for 3rd-party software

PC scale XC II 100 Pro

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